The team at Family Business Partners understands that a Family Business is made up of two separate yet interrelated elements: the Family and the Business. When these two elements are in alignment, the family business can fulfill its goals and aspirations to all stakeholders - family members, employees, customers, and the community at large. We combine our extensive experiences with industry best practices and the latest academic research on family businesses to help the family and the business succeed for future generations.

Family Business Partners recognizes the significant contributions of family-owned businesses to our regional economy while also acknowledging the unique challenges brought about by working in a family. For this reason, we place the Family Business at the center of everything we do to foster a climate of trust and confidentiality. We help our members voice, identify and address the key challenges, emotions and daily pressures they face in  running their family business. By relying on a pro-active, systematic and disciplined approach we assist family businesses to gain the visibility and confidence needed to make decisions for the benefit of both family and the business.